House Blessing 100808

A 1950s era house was purchased and began to be renovated recently in Hilo. The workmen noted some odd occurrences while working in this house. A worker who was eating lunch in a chair said that he felt completely drained and almost passed out. He dropped his napkin and when he bent down, there was no trace of it. Two utility knives inexplicably disappeared even though the workers had the only key to the door for the house. The tool bucket would slide across the floor by itself. Some of the furniture that they had moved to work on the flooring had moved back to its original position. A worker, who was changing a mirror in the bathroom, caught a glance of himself in the mirror with black holes for eyes. He was disturbed by the incident. A worker observed a "shadow person" enter the shower stall and there was no trace of anyone there.

After leaving the house at night, the workers would turn off the lights. The lights would turn back on by themselves. A worker observed a bedroom light switch flip up and down by itself, turning on and off the light. A worker using his truck removed an old Piano that had been left in the house and he was in a serious car accident while transporting it.

Demon Busters were called to get rid of the spirits and bless the house. Actual footage of a confrontation with a demonic spirit is below. Check out the pictures after you watch the clip to see the demon images captured from the film.


Demon in Doorway A

Demon in Doorway B

Demon Skull Face A

Demon Skull Face B