Choking Spirit

A family asked for help for deliverance from evil spirits. A young man had been choked by an unseen force. An apparition was viewed in the downstairs living room. Faces had been seen peering in the windows from outside. An apparition was viewed in front of the house. The dogs would howl at a certain time of night like they were seeing something. Below are the actual video clips from the home.

The Choking Spirit - Part 1

Note: The Part 2 & 3 videos are below the evidence Photos.

Below are some frames showing the demon skull face in the closet by the wall Calendar downstairs. Pastor Jimmy saw the demonic spirit on the calendar and went to anoint it with holy oil. The demonic spirit moved to the right and is shown to be about 7 feet tall in the closet photos. (Note- there is no body just the face) Look for the Blue circles. Pastor Jimmy indicated on a demonic spirit here and the video shows some kind of a mist that looks like a skull. The Infrared camera shows things outside of our visible spectrum. If you look closely at the first frame you can see Eyes in the skull eyeholes. (I am using a 19" LCD monitor and can see it without magnification.) These images are consistent with evidence we have found on other cases. Page down to see more evidence.


Here is another frame that shows the demon skull face. The lighting is adjusted slightly.


The frames below are from the closet upstairs where we both noticed a strong chemical smell in the room where the young man was choked in his bed. A light Orb exits the closet at high speed as we are casting out the spirit. Light Orbs have been associated with spirits by many different paranormal investigators.
Look at the Lower Right of the frame and you will see the Light Orb flash out and downward which is consistent with what I discerned in the Spirit at the time. You can see the Orb at full speed in the video. Look for the blue circle. There looks to be an eye, nose and mouth if you look closely.


The Choking Spirit Part 2 is shown below. The video starts with the confrontation with the Choking Spirit.


The Choking Spirit Part 3
The ghost hitchhiker story and personal deliverance are shown in this clip!