Cast Out Demons
By Rev. Dr. Jimmy Nishimoto


How to Cast Out Demonic Spirits From Your Home


First, we must pray from Psalm 51:1-19; it is a prayer from King David asking god to forgive him for all of his sins. Psalm 51: 5 tell us we were born with sins; therefore, by praying from the heart rather than from the corner of our mouth, the prayer will be heard. Since god doesn't have one small blemish or one speck or black spot, he is perfect. We as a human beings have a lot of sins. We must cleanse our mind, body and soul. The lord will open the door for us because he is a very loving and forgiving god. When you are forgiven, he will look only at the good part of you.

Luke 10: 19 and Mark 16: 17-18 tell us we were given the authority to cast out demonic spirits from our home or other places. Ephesians 6: 11 tell us to put the Whole Armor of God, so we can be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.

You can use Psalm 67: 1- 7 to cast the demonic spirits out of your home or other places by sending them to the pit of hell, in JESUS mighty name! Ask god to bless your home from the top of your roof and to the bottom of the ground.

Pour Holy Oil into the ground by the Father, Son and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Ask god to bless the four corners of your property and put an invisible shield from above to the bottom of the ground to keep all the ungodly spirits away from your property and bring only the good.


Protect You and Your Family against the Wiles of the Devil.


Demonic spirits are everywhere, whether we like it or not. As stated in our bible, a third of the ungodly angels were cast to this earth. Demonic spirits are master deceivers. They came to deceive, destroy, and to kill us. They cannot read our minds, but they will try to create fear. Fear is what they capitalize on. In every church, before or during the service, they will sometimes enter and look all around, especially to the leaders of the church and then to the members. I strongly pray that all pastors should protect their flocks. Pray Ephesians 6: 10 - 20 by putting on the whole Armor of God for the members. Without that blessing, these demonic spirits may hop a ride to your home without your being aware of it. Most of the time, they will enter into the master room of the home. Until today, I don't know why they stay in the master bedroom. They have patience, because they are timeless spirits. When they strike, sometimes you may find things moving around. The husband, wife and children may get into disagreements then situations may arise and escalate into bigger problems in your home. Sometimes, this is the work of the demonic spirits. Remember, these demonic spirits do not wear wristwatches or clocks; they are timeless spirits. They have time on their side and when they strike it can make your head spin.

When you attend your church, pray and have fellowship and baptism with the lord and the power of the Holy Spirit. When these ungodly spirits see you, they will see Christ not you! Every knee shall bow before our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Reading and studying the bible are very good to know god's word; however, if you were to know only god's word and not have any baptism or fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the demonic spirits will know. For example, if an ungodly angel or angels were to approach you and let’s say you were able to speak to the demonic spirit and tell him you know the bible from Genesis to the book of Revelation. Many times, he will not be moved or be afraid of you, but if he sees you with the blood of Jesus upon you, he will obey you and move as fast as lightning. Brothers and sisters in Christ know god's word. Fellowship and the baptism of the Holy Spirit are the keys to having good protection for you and your family. Believe me, the demonic spirits will respect you and leave you alone. Mark 16: 17 and these signs will accompany those who believe: they will cast out demons in my name, They will speak new languages. You can use Psalms 67: 1 - 7 and command them out, like a military sergeant, giving orders to his men. If there are any unclean spirits, command them to Come Out and get out of your home.

Send them to the pit of hell and apply the Blood of Jesus upon them. If you don't have vision, your inner spirit will usually alert you to their presence by having chicken skin, goose bumps or your hair may start rising on the back of your head. You will know then something was around. Brothers and sisters, Jesus was tempted: Luke 4:1 - 12. If Jesus was tempted by the devil, we as human beings are nothing without Jesus Christ. When we have the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ upon us, we are something and the devil will instantly know it. Let's all pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He is our awesome god. Amen!

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